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Ekphrastic Excursions

2019 Telling Room Camp

This summer, join Ekphrastic Excursions—an art writing camp for teens, where Portland art and artists inspire creative writing, critique, and introspection.

Collaborators for the week include Bare Portland, and a day with the Homer High School Fellows from the @portlandmuseum.
Ages 12-18 | June 24-28




Bare Portland acquired a 20x20 ft. storage unit, piled from floor to ceiling with items someone packed away. Storage is a three part, year-long exploration and performance project. Alongside a team of writers and performers, we will generate a piece inspired by the contents of our abandoned storage unit, as well as he stories of the may stakeholder in the self-storage industry. Storage is a story of stuff, of inventory and memory, of place and displacement, of transience and permanence and what we pack away.

Coming to Portland Early 2020.

Related events to be announced.


Our City

The Yellow Wallpaper Workshop

The Yellow Wallpaper Workshop


We believe that stories don’t happen in a vacuum. They happen in communities and the places in which those communities thrive. Theater lives in our libraries, beaches, monuments, and churches. We extract theater from the traditional stage and place it in fresh spaces.  Our interactive, site-specific performances make each location a performer. Plays happen everywhere, and our playground is Portland. Come see and celebrate our city. 

We are committed to accessibility of the arts. We never turn anyone away for the inability to pay. If you would like to know more about our pay-what-you-can policy, you may contact us here


Past Projects

The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper

We have performed Julius Caesar in City Squares, mermaid tales on a beach, famous american tragedies at MECA, Shakespeare in a cathedral and more. Learn more in our past projects gallery.

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