Production and writing team, summer 2019. Photo by Sokvonny Chhouk

Production and writing team, summer 2019. Photo by Sokvonny Chhouk

The unit.

The unit.

Audition for Storage - a performance experiment
Sunday, October 6.
1-3pm or 7-9pm
Hustle & Flow, 155 Brackett St

In March of 2020, Bare Portland will present the culmination of Storage, a year-long performance project. We acquired a storage unit at auction, and have spent the last six months making a performance piece/installation based on what we found. Performance text by Douglas Milliken, Christina Richardson and Marissa Sophia Schneiderman. Directed by James Patefield, installation by Dana Hopkins.

(Or send us an email at

If you can't make the scheduled times, don't fret! Contact us and we’ll find a time to meet. We welcome any questions, comments, concerns, or musings.

Auditions will be conducted in a group workshop format, and should be a fun, playful opportunity to work alongside company members to see how we function as an ensemble. These are general auditions: while we are seeking performers primarily for Storage, we often have other performance opportunities that come up throughout the year. Rehearsals for [storage] run ~January-March 2020. Performance dates TBA.

You + Bare Portland company members
We're not just looking for performers and theater artists! If you're a musician, renegade, movement artist, visual artist, clown, crafter, or just curious- we want to meet you.

**If you self-identify as a person of color, LGBTQIA+, and/or a person with a disability, we invite you to audition, and will prioritize reserving you a spot. Feel free to indicate this on the form/in your email and we will make sure you have the spot you’d prefer.**

Are you a technician or designer and don't want to join us for the auditions, email or fill out the form with more about you.

[What should I prepare?]
Please come dressed to move and bring one object that answers the question: “Who are you?” We're excited to create with you!

Hustle & Flow
155 Brackett St, Portland, ME 04102
(upstairs from Fresh Approach Market and Overlook Studios, we will post signs so you don’t get lost!)

[Commitment to equity & inclusion]
We continue to work to educate ourselves about what it means to create truly inclusive and safe spaces. We strive to create diverse casts and prioritize the voices of minority and marginalized communities. If you think there is a better way for us to practice and communicate this commitment, and feel generous enough to share that feedback with us, we encourage those conversations. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions at, we’d love to listen.